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To Someday- Chapter 9

For days the TARDIS, and it’s inhabitants were in mourning. Alexa sat on the floor, leaning against the door, listening for some knock, though she knew that none would come. Dodo sat watching her from the steps. He was worried and he felt helpless. Sam check in every now and then, but mostly she hid herself away in her studio.  Hatter read books that were happy to try and shake off the feeling of death that hung heavy in the air. And Remus tried his best to take over the jobs that Alexa did: cooking, checking in on everyone, cleaning up a bit. He was trying to be the positive one.

"How is she?" Remus asked Dodo one night at a diner that Alexa hadn’t come to.

Dodo shrugged. She wasn’t speaking to anyone.  ”She blames herself I think. Alexa isn’t speaking right now.”

"She said that she did that a bit when her mom passed," Sam said softly.

"Poor dear," Remus said setting his fork down on his plate. He leaned on one hand and looked at Sam.

Hatter sighed and pushed his plate away. “Excuse me,” he muttered before leaving the room. It has become very clear that Hatter didn’t deal with death well. He didn’t like the seriousness of it.

"I should go too," Dodo said getting up. He took his plate and Hatter’s plate to to the sink, rinses them off and loaded them in the dishwasher. "I don’t like leaving her alone," he said more to himself than the others.

            Dodo had spent most of his time watching her. He wasn’t afraid that she would follow Severus. No, that wasn’t her. But he didn’t like seeing her in pain. Dodo wanted to mend her.

Remus got up and cleared the his and Sam’s dishes. He stood at the sink cleaning things up. Sam’s chin was leaning on her interlaced fingers. “How are you with all of this?” she asked gently.            

He paused, leaning against the counter. “It’s strange, Samantha. Severus and I weren’t friends. But I still knew him very well. He was one of the few things that reminded me of home really. In one of those books that Alexa told me to read, Good Omens, the demon or the angel says that after years of familiarity your enemy is almost like your friend. I think that explains Severus and I. It’s strange to believe that he isn’t here any longer.” Remus looked down for must of his speech. Now he looked up at Sam. She stood slowly and went to him.

"I’m so sorry, Remus," she said wrapping her arms around him. "In all of this with Alexa I’d forgotten how it must be affecting you." she rested her head on his chest and he held her against him.

"Oh, it’s alright. She’s a bit more important than me right now. She was in love with him," Remus said. "She still is."

"I feel so stupid. I always thought that he was so much better for her than Dodo,” Sam admitted.  “But I guess not.”

“Don’t fret,” he told her kissing the top of her head. “This isn’t your fault. She’ll be all right. She’s a strong girl. And Dodo is looking after her. Right now she just needs a little time,” He promised.

Sam smiled up at him. “And now,” Remus said letting her go and turning to the fridge. “Chocolate. It’ll make us all feel better.”



Alexa had fallen asleep against the door. Her sleep was restless, she was whimpering softly. Dodo opened his eyes, he’d been sleeping too, though on the stairs. Alexa didn’t want anyone to near her. He got up when he saw that she was lost in a nightmare. “Alexa,” he said, gently nudging her arm.

Gently, she stirred and opened her eyes. “Dodo,” Alexa said softly. The faintest smile was on her lips. “Did I fall asleep?”

He smiled at her and swept a stray lock of messy hair from her face. “For a little while,” Dodo told her. She shifted and leaned in towards him. “Let me get you up to bed.” Alexa nodded weakly. He helped her up and half carried her off to her room.

 She was already in sweatpants and a tank top. Alexa hadn’t really bothered to get dressed or do her hair or her make up. That was, perhaps, the most unsettling thing. Not because she was ghastly without the help of make up. She just always did her make up. It was her thing. Alexa was always glamorous.

Dodo helped her into bed and kissed her forehead. “Good night, love,” He whispered before turning to go.

“Wait!” She said grabbing his hand, “Can you stay?”
He nodded and then climbed into bed beside her.


The following morning Dodo woke up alone. He reached out for Alexa, but she was gone. Her sweatpants were in a little pile beside her hamper and her hair flat iron was sitting on the vanity. He smiled softly. Dodo always knew how to help her.

After he got himself dressed her headed straight for the kitchen. Alexa was at the counter and the bar was covered in plates filled with every breakfast food imaginable. Waffles, French-toast, pancakes, omelets, toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, veggie bacon, sausage, bagels, doughnuts, grits, cereals, muffins, scones, coffee cake, and fruits. The strong smell of coffee and tea permeated the air.

“Morning,” he said from the doorway. Alexa turned and ran to him. “You’re in a good mood. He, probably, would have wanted you to be happy.”
            Alexa just looked at him. And then she laughed. “Would have wanted me to be happy? Dodo, darling, he wanted me to suffer. And I did suffer and it was awful. But what good is it going to do? I can’t make it up to him now. So why be miserable?” Alexa asked. Then she grinned again. “Now go and get the others. I understand that Remus has been doing all of the cooking?” Dodo nodded. “Yes, well, I need to reclaim my title as the domestic.” Dodo laughed softly and then went to get everyone else.

Sam and Hatter were curled up in a chair reading and Remus lost in the stacks. “Alexa made us all breakfast,” he said softly. Everyone stopped and looked up at him.

“She’s-“ Remus started, but he didn’t know how to finish it.

“She got up that early?” Hatter said. Dodo smiled and turned to go back to the kitchen. They all followed after him.