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To Someday- Of Chloroform and Boxes Book Two- Chapter 7

Chapter 7-

            Alexa stood at the kitchen counter and dug through the familiar cabinets.  She took out the pans and bowels that she’s used hundreds of times before. It felt like all that she did was cook. Alexa didn’t mind, of course. No she liked the chance to be a bit more domestic.

            Some one cleared their throat. Alexa jumped and turned around. Dodo was watching her from the doorway. “Hi,” She said softly.

            “Hello,” said Dodo walking into the room. Then, like when they first met, she ran into his arms and he held her close. “I’m sorry,” he said. It sounded more like he was begging for her forgiveness than anything else. It was low, desperate, and meant to cover sobs.

            “It’s my fault,” Alexa said into his chest.

            “It isn’t,” Dodo said resting his head on hers. They stood in silence, arms wrapped around each other, and then, finally, “You aren’t going to vanish on me again are you?” Dodo asked softly.

            Alexa looked up at him. “Never,” She promised. “I won’t ever leave you again.” Dodo kissed her and she leaned in against him. “Now, I have to make dinner because, as lovely as our TARDIS is, I’m not really sure that she can make food.” Alexa looked around the little kitchen and thought about how much food she needed to make. “Would you like to help?” Alexa asked, expecting him to say ‘no’. Still his company would make the time pass much quicker.

            Dodo nodded. “Alright,” he told her, though he didn’t seem too excited. Alexa squealed and wrapped her arms around his neck. Anything to make her smile, he mused. So, through their laughter, Alexa and Dodo began the feast.

Remus, Hatter, and Sam were in the media room. Remus was sprawled out on the couch, sleeping. After all it had been a long day for him. His hand was dangling off the end. Sam sat with her back against the couch and her hand in Remus’. Hatter was beside her. His arms were wrapped around her and her head was against this chest. Anastasia was on the TV but neither were really paying attention to it.

            “So, what have you been up to?” Hatter asked her.

            “Wrote a play, I’m the vice president of my drama club, got accepted to a few colleges, and none of this makes any sense to you does it?” Sam asked, a smile on her face.

            He shook his head, “Not a bit, love. But it seems to make you happy. And that makes me happy,” Hatter said. He kissed the top of her head.

            “And what about you?” Sam asked.

            “The usual. Sneaking things down to the rebels. Keeping Dodo out of trouble,” Hatter explained.

            Sam said, “It’s been hard for him, hasn’t it?” because it was much easier to say that then to talk about how it had been hard for Hatter.

            Hatter nodded now. “It’s been hard for all of us.” He squeezed her a little tighter.

            “I’m sorry,” Sam blurted out.

            “It’s alright. At least it’s all right now. Everything is better now,” Hatter promised.
            Sam looked up at Remus. He was sleeping soundly. “Do you really think that it will all work out? I mean, will it make you happy?” Sam asked looking back at Hatter.

            “I get to be with you. Why shouldn’t I be happy?”

            Dodo walked into the media room and rolled his eyes when he saw the television. He’d never taken to animated films like Hatter had. “Alexa says that dinner will be ready in five minutes,” he said.

            “Thanks,” Sam said. Dodo nodded at them and then left them. “I should wake him.” Sam said crawling out of Hatter’s arms. He wasn’t in love with the idea of letting go of her. But he was in love with her and he was happy to have had his alone time with her.

            “Remus,” Sam said softly as she nudged his arm. No answer. She tried again and his eyes flicked open. He smiled up at her. “Hello,” Sam said.

            “Sam,” Remus said.

            “Dinner is ready. I wanted to make sure that you ate,” She said softly. Remus sat up and rubbed his eyes.

            “Thank you, Sam,” he said. Hatter was standing and brushing himself off and looking away. Remus kissed Sam quickly and gently. “Shall we?”

            Alexa stood over a sleeping Severus. He, like Remus, had wanted to try and get some rest. She brushed a few strands of his hair away from his face and sat beside him. “Severus,” She said softly. He stirred, but didn’t wake. She shook his arm gently and said his name a bit louder.

            His opened and he looked up at her for a few moments before smiling at her. Severus reached up and touched her face. “My love,” he murmured.

            “You’re making me blush,” She said. Severus sat up but never looked away from her.

            “I know. It’s enchanting,” he said. Now he blushed. “That was far to forward.”            

            She shook her head. “No. It wasn’t.” Alexa leaned forward and kissed him. Severus held her against him. He inhaled the fruity sent of her hair and the warmth of her skin. “Dinner is ready,” She said softly, when he didn’t move she added, “Everyone is waiting for us.” Finally, they got up and joined the others.

            Everyone was standing awkwardly in the kitchen looking at the bowls of food on the island. Dodo considered explaining, but he thought it best to stay out of it and let Alexa explain.

            “Hi! Sorry I’m late. So, Dodo and I made veggie stir-fry, and tortellini in pesto. Oh, and there’s sautéed shrimp and grilled chicken on the side that you can, like, mix in. Or eat on the side if you’re OCD like I am. I wasn’t sure what everyone liked so I tried to make a mix of everything,” Alexa explained.

            “She never struck me as a chef,” Remus said to Hatter.

            “No, no. She is. She isn’t bad. More of a baker though. But don’t ever expect breakfast,” Hatter explained.

            Dodo was standing behind them and he leaned forward “She doesn’t get up nearly early enough for that,” he said. Remus jumped, but Hatter was used to it. Chuckling, Dodo rejoined Alexa.

            Plates were passed out, food was served, and seats were taken. Sam and Alexa sat across from each other in the center of the table. Dodo and Hatter sat on their left, while Remus and Severus sat on their right. They ate in uncomfortable silence. Alexa’s shoulders had risen and she was leaning in toward her food. Sam was looking around at each of the other people at the table, trying to think of anything to say.

            “So,” Hatter finally said. Everyone looked up at him expectantly. “Severus, is it?” Severus nodded. “What do you do?” he asked.

            “I teach potions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At least, I did. I suppose that you can count me among the dead now. In my world, at least,” he said dully. Hatter just nodded.

            More silence.

            “We baked a cake. It’s chocolate,” Alexa said softly. She quickly sipped her club soda.              

            Remus set his fork down. He’d had the stir-fry. “Thank you, Alexa. I’m sure that it’s wonderful.”

            She smiled and then went back to her shrimp. Sam looked up at Remus, hoping that he would carry on the conversation. “And Dodo, what do you do?”

            Dodo looked up slowly. He was hunched over his plate eating his chicken and vegetables in large portions.  Alexa touched his hand gently, as if to tell him that it was okay to answer. “I used to run a library. Now I’m part of the resistance,” he grumbled.

            “Ah. I am also part of a resistance. I used to teach. But…it was difficult,” he said. Remus looked down and Sam squeezed his hand. Severus was smirking and Alexa kicked him under the table.

            ‘Play nice.’ She mouthed. Alexa noticed that every one’s plates were clear. “So, cake?” She asked. Everyone nodded or muttered something in agreement. Severus waved his wand and all of the plates and bowls and silver ware floated into the kitchen. He would clean them for her later.

            Everyone called out what size piece they wanted while Alexa cut the cake and Sam passed them out. “Maybe we can watch a movie while eat?” Alexa offered, not wanting to sit through another meal like the last.

            In the media room they moved another couch in to make an awkward sectional. Sam, Hatter, and Remus sat directly across from the TV. Sam leaned against Remus and had her legs across Hatter. Alexa, Dodo, and Severus were on the leg of the ‘L’. She was nestled against Severus, but was holding one of Dodo’s hands tightly in her own.

            Sam pressed play and Rear Window began.