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Of Nightmares and Brownie Batter- One Shot (by Sam)

           Dodo tossed and turned in his bed, a sheen of sweat on his skin. He could never get comfortable in new beds and having such a vivid dream, a vivid nightmare, wasn’t helping him get his much needed rest.

            His sleeping face scrunched up as an image of Alexa filled his vision. She was in terrible pain and screaming out. But not for him. For someone named Severus.

            “Severus!” Alexa cried out, her bloodied hands causing her to slip over and over again onto  the ground. And all the while, through her tears, she called out “Severus! Help! Sev… no. Please… don’t be dead.”

            A man wearing all white with a bright light surrounding him spoke in a language that Dodo didn’t understand. Alexa seemed to though.

            “No!” she yelled at the man. He had obviously told her something detrimental. “You can’t!” she yelled before he thrust his hand at her and a wave of pain washed over her.

            Blood began to pool around her and she collapsed to the floor, eyes wide and blank.

            “No!” Dodo yelled.

            Though he was sleeping, Dodo reached for his gun on the bedside table.

            “Alexa!” he yelled, running over, gun in hand, to his love. “No, Alexa.”

            She did not respond.

            “You.” Dodo said, turning and pointing the gun at the man who had killed the only person he had ever held affection for.

            And he shot the gun.

And he shot the gun.


            The sound of the gun woke Dodo with a start even though he had fired it. Shocked, he dropped the gun to the hardwood floor, causing it to discharge again.

            The bullet ricocheted around the room before leaving a smoking hole in the door.

            “What the fuck?” Dodo groaned, running his hand through his short cropped hair. “What was that?”

            Dodo thought of the dream. Of Alexa. Dead.

            This was enough cause for him to jump out of bed in search of her. And he had a fairly good idea of where to start his search.

            “Alexa!” he called out as he made his way to the kitchen. There was no response. “Alexa!”

            As he neared the kitchen, he could hear a light humming and soft singing.

And I’m not gonna live my life on one side of an ampersand

And even if I went with you, I’m not the girl you think I am

And I’m not gonna match you

Cause I’ll lose my voice completely yeah

I’m just gonna watch you

Cause I’m not the one that’s crazy

            Dodo entered the kitchen, hiding slightly. He just wanted to watch her.

            Alexa scurried around the kitchen, mixing something as she went.  There were plates piled high with food on the island, ready to be served.

            “Bake for thirty minutes.” Alexa read aloud, pulling out one of her ear buds.         

            She put down the mixing bowl, sneaking a bit of the batter on to her finger and licking it off. She pulled out a baking pan and a baking non-stick spray. She prepared the pan and then poured the smooth batter in, again licking some of the batter off her finger.

            She set the timer on the over and placed the pan inside.

            “Okay,” she said aloud to herself. “I’ll let that start, call everyone down to eat and-“ she stopped, hearing something on the other side of the window that divided the kitchen.

            “Who’s there?” she asked.

            Dodo dared not answer. He didn’t want to anger her. All he wanted to do was make sure that she was okay. That she was alive.

            “Sam?” Alexa called. But that was nearly impossible. Sam was probably up at the console, still attempting to repair it. She would have to be dragged away from it for dinner tonight.

            “I’ll have Hatter get her.” Alex thought to herself with a smile.

            “Show yourself.” Alexa said, her voice light. She figured it wasn’t anyone dangerous sneaking around. “I don’t like be watched.”

            Dodo finally revealed himself.

            “Hello.” He grumbled, jamming his hands into his pockets.

            Alexa took in his poor posture and disheveled look. This wasn’t the one that Hatter always had, one of someone being too lazy to take his hair or anything. This was the disheveled look of someone who had just been through hell… or worse.

            “What’s wrong?!” Alexa said, quickly walking to his side.  She looked concerned.

            “Nothing… I…” Dodo couldn’t say anything else. He didn’t want to seem weak. Especially in front of Alexa.

            “Dodo, you can tell me anything. You know that, right?” Alexa said, guiding him over to the stools by the island where she had been working.

            “I’d rather not say anything.” He said, placing his head in his hands and sighing deeply.

            “Come on. I don’t like seeing you like this.” Alexa said, dipping her finger into the chocolate.

            Dodo looked up at her, entranced by Alexa and the motions of her slipping her chocolate covered finger into her mouth.

            “You want some?” Alexa asked, noticing his stare.

            Dodo didn’t really make a move, or at least he didn’t think he did. But Alexa moved closer to him and offered him the bowl.

            But, just as he reached out to get some of the brown batter, Alexa yanked the bowl away.

            “You have to tell me what’s wrong. This will be a reward.” She said with a smirk.

            Dodo glared angrily at her. She knew how to play the game. And this was a game he didn’t want to play.

            “Come on.” Alexa said, smiling. She wiped a smear of the batter onto his nose, letting out a small laugh.

            “Fine.” Dodo huffed, wiping the goo off of his nose. “I had a dream.”

            “Oh?” Alexa said, not fully believing that it was as simple as a dream that had done this too him. She stared him down a bit, looking for more information.

            “Fine, I had a nightmare.” Dodo spat.

            “Ah. Now we’re getting somewhere.” Alexa understood. She had to assume that, perhaps, nightmares were common for those in Wonderland. With all of the horrible things  going on there, how could one not have nightmare? “Tell me about it?” Alexa asked, offering him some of the brownie batter.

            Dodo didn’t respond at first but he licked the chocolate off of Alexa’s finger and then began to speak of his dream.

            “You died. There was blood… and this man in white, surrounded by a white light. And you died. And…” he didn’t know if he should tell her more. Tell her about the name she was calling out. What if it meant something to her?

            “And?” Alexa questioned.

            “And…” he decided to tell her. “You… you were calling out a name.”

            “Yours I assume?” she said with a small smile. He didn’t return it. He just shook his head slightly.

            “No. You kept calling out for Severus.” He hissed. “Severus, help. Severus, don’t be dead. Severus.”

            Alexa looked at him, almost not believing him. Tears started to form in her eyes and she had to get away. Just for a moment she had to let her grief overcome her. Severus. She had left him behind. Left him to die. She couldn’t change his destiny. She knew that but… if only she could do something. Anything. Save him. If only she could save him.

            “Alexa?” Dodo said. It was his turn to be concerned.

            Alexa wiped her eyes and turned to face Dodo.

            “Come here.” He said, taking her into his muscular arms. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

            She snuggled close to him, her right hand clutching the fabric of his shirt. She let out a small sigh as she calmed down a bit.

            “It’s okay.” She whispered into his chest.

            “Promise?” Dodo asked, looking down at her.

            “Promise.” Alexa responded, a small smile on her face.