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To Someday- Of Chloroform and Boxes Book Two- Chapter 6

Chapter 5-

Sam and Alexa explained things, privately, to their loves on the walk back to the TARDIS. Sam and Hatter stepped through first and Alexa and Dodo followed. Severus and Remus were pacing.

Remus amiediatly went over to Sam. He looked Hatter over curiously but his eyes finally rested on Sam. “Remus, this is Hatter. Hatter this is Remus,” She said softly.

            “Hello,” Hatter said.

            “Pleasure to meet you,” Remus said shaking Hatter’s hand. They all smiled awkwardly, each one too afraid to admit that this was uncomfortable.

            Hatter still had his arm around Sam’s waist. “So, why don’t we find somewhere to talk away from…” he trailed back and just glanced back at the others.

            Dodo and Severus stood parallel. They were staring each other down. Alexa’s shoulders had risen and she looked concerned.

            “Good idea,” Sam said. She looked over at Alexa. “We’re going to go to the library,” She said softly. Alexa nodded but didn’t say anything. Sam could physically feel the tension when she, Hatter, and Remus walked by the others.


Alexa walked back onto the TARDIS, still clinging to Dodo. Severus looked up and nearly ran back to her. He stopped a foot away when he saw her arms around Dodo’s arm. “Severus, this is Dodo. He’s the one I told you about earlier.”

            “Yes,” Severus said. His arms were crossed and he was staring Dodo down. Dodo did the same. Alexa slowly let go of Dodo and moved so she was more in between them then directly next to either one. Sam told her that they were going to the library and Alexa just nodded.

            “And Dodo, this is Severus, obviously, I think that I mentioned him once or twice,” Alexa whispered.

            “Once or twice,” Severus hissed. He turned on Alexa and she shrank back. Dodo stepped forward and grabbed Severus’ shoulder, making Severus face him.

            “Back off,” Dodo commanded.

            Severus drew his wand and jabbed it into Dodo’s chest. From the way that Alexa gasped, Dodo knew that it was a weapon. He drew his gun and pointed it at Severus’ chest. Severus was taller and seemed to lean over Dodo. “Leave her alone,” Dodo warned.

            “So you were trapped here with her for a month or so? She came to me for months. Over and over because she loves me,” Severus taunted. Dodo seemed to growl and Alexa shoved them apart.

            “Stop it, both of you. I love both of you and-“ she stopped and stormed over to the stairs. She sat down and rested her head against the railing. “I was stupid to think that this would have worked,” Alexa muttered. Severus sat beside her and took her hand. He needed to show her that he was the one that would be there, no matter how angry he was with her.

            Dodo took a few steps toward her but then froze. “You protected him,” he said. “You only stepped in when you knew that I was ready to kill him.”

            Alexa stood up. “No. Dodo, I was trying to protect both of you I-“

            “No. You were protecting him,” he growled. Alexa came closer to him, trying to think of anything to say. “Just- I’m sorry,” he said. Dodo walked past her and up the stairs. Alexa collapsed back down on the stairs. She covered her face to try and hide her tears. Severus wrapped her in his arms.

            “I’m here,” he whispered into her hair. “I’ll always be right here,” Severus swore.

Across the TARDIS Sam was sitting in an armchair. They had arranged three into a circle.  Hatter was slumped down, Remus sat straight up, one of his legs was crossed over the other, and Sam was gripping the armrests and looking down at her lap.

            “I would like to find a way to make this all work out,” Sam began. “I care so much for both of you.”

            Remus looked over and Hatter and Hatter looked back at him and then shrugged. “It’ll all work, Sam. I don’t know Remus all that well, but I know that I love you and from what I do know of him he loves you too. And I’d rather share you then give you up entirely,” Hatter said. He sort of tailed off near the end. Still Sam was smiling.

            “I agree,” said Remus. He leaned forward. “We’re all adults. We all deserve to give this a try. There is no reason not to.” Remus was smiling. Sam stood and quickly wrapped her arms around him and then Hatter.

            “I’m happy that this is going to work,” Sam said smiling at them.


Sam was sitting on the hearth of the fireplace in between Hatter and Remus. There was a large old book open on her lap. Her head was on Remus’ shoulder and Hatter had his arm around her waist.

            Alexa ran in and then stopped quickly when she saw them. “Oh,” She said awkwardly. “Hello.” She was out of breath and she looked frantic. “Have you seen Dodo? He sort of ran off and I can’t find him,” Alexa said. Concern crossed her face and she crossed her arms over her chest. Her shoulders rose in her standard defensive pose.

            “No, I’m sorry. We haven’t seen him,” Sam said shaking her head, she looked worried too.

            “Thanks anyway,” Alexa said awkwardly. “I’m going to go back to searching. Uh, I’m thinking of making dinner in two hours or so,” She said before backing out of the room.

            “I’m going to kill him,” Sam muttered. Hatter squeezed her a little tighter.

            “He’ll calm down. No need to go killing anyone just yet,” Hatter reminded her.

            Remus kissed the top of her head. And she settled back in.