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Movie Night- A One Shot

Alexa sat on the floor in front of a shelf of DVDs. A few DVDs were spread out around her. Dodo and Hatter watched her curiously from the couch. “I’m going to go get Sam and ask her opinion,” she said standing up. Alexa held two in her arms when she walked out of the room.

Sam was still busy trying to fix the TARDIS. “Samantha!” Alexa sing-songed. “As resident recreations supervisor a bored this vessel I command you to stop your work at once and come watch a movie with us!” Alexa said from the steps. Sam looked up at her. With a sigh she asked, “What movie?”
            “That, dear friend, is up to you. Princess Bride
or Across the Universe?” Alexa asked holding up the movies.

“I am not in the mood to watch five hours of Beatles music with a weak plot. I mean it’s good but-“

“Yeah, I watch up to the Eddie Izzard scene and then give up. So, Princess Bride then,” Alexa said.

Sam sat beside Hatter. His arm was around her shoulders and she was leaning in toward him. Her legs were resting on his lap and his other arm lay across them. Hatter leaned in and kissed her cheek.

 Dodo, however, was cradling Alexa in his lap. He’d taken Sam’s advice very literally. His arms were wrapped around her tightly. She was had her head resting on his shoulder and resting one of her hands on his chest.

Alexa hit play and passed a bag of popcorn to Sam and Hatter. Every so often Hatter or Dodo would ask a question. Sam would quickly answer Hatter’s questions, while Alexa would tell Dodo to ‘hush and watch the movie’.  He had to admit, he liked her attitude.

When the movie ended they all sat up or stretched or climbed off of each other. “Walk me to my room?” Sam asked Hatter.

“As you wish,” purred Hatter. He helped Sam up. They held hands as they walked back to her room. Hatter tucked Sam in and then curled up beside her.  Sam was on her side and he was lying on his back; his head was turned toward her.

“Did you really enjoy the movie?” Sam asked softly.


“Really?” Sam said. It somehow didn’t seem like his type of movie.

“Okay, not at first. I’m into romances and Buttercup is not an acceptable name for anyone.”

“Oh and Hatter is?” Sam interjected.

 “But I liked the fighting,” he said, continuing on as if she hadn’t interrupted. Sam smiled. “And now I know what you like. At least romantically. I was going to ask Alexa for advice but-“ Sam giggled, “What? I really like you and I wanted to, you know- I shouldn’t have said anything,” Hatter said, blushing.

“It’s okay and it’s kind of nice,” Sam said. Her arm was tucked under her head lifting her up a bit. Hatter looked up at her and smiled.

“Good,” he said, his pride back.

“Feel free to continue wooing me,” Sam said, her voice was slow and sleepy.

“As you wish,” He said. He rolled onto his side and wrapped an arm around her. Sam edged closer to him and Hatter kissed her forehead


Alexa and Dodo were still curled up on the couch. “Did you enjoy the movie?” she asked. Alexa pulled away from him enough to see his face.

“I did,” He told her, there was just the hint of a smile on his lips. “Revenge, sword fighting, I even liked the bit about true love, well, I like it know,” Dodo admitted. Alexa blushed and nestled back in against him.

            “Apparently, it was a book first. I think that I’m going to go looking for it in the library tomorrow,” She said. It was late and it was beginning to set in on Alexa.

            Dodo smiled. He liked Sleepy Alexa. She nestled closer to him, she laughed more, and she was adorable. “I’d like to read it,” he said. Dodo rested his head against hers.

            “You can read it first. I found a few other things in the library that I want to read too,” She said.

            “I like books,” he blurted out awkwardly. Alexa giggled softly. “That’s why I started working for the library. My Grandfather started it and I used to hide among the stacks so no one would catch me reading and make me stop,” Dodo admitted. “When he died, he gave it to me. That’s why I stayed down there even after the Queen took her throne and started hunting for us. It’s my home.” Alexa frowned.

            “I’m so sorry. I mean, I’m sorry that you’re only home is a place that’s on the Queen’s burn on contact list,” She said. Alexa nuzzled her face against the crook of his neck.

Dodo squeezed her gently. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to upset you. We were having fun,” he said. Dodo kissed the top of her head. “Sam told me to open up to you and I was attempting to impr-“

“You asked Sam how to impress me?” She asked crawling off of his lap and kneeling on the couch beside him.

He was blushing and he looked away from her. “I just wanted to…” Dodo’s voice trailed off.

“It’s okay. Dodo, I’m flattered,” She said smiling at him. He turned back to her and she kissed him.

            “I-Alexa-do you,” he stammered and she yawned, but quickly covered her mouth to try and pretend that she was still wide-awake. “You should sleep,” He said finally. Dodo stood up.

            Alexa collapsed on the couch. “Ugh. Carry me,” She said with grin.

            Dodo bent down and picked her up. “As you wish.” They both paused. “I don’t have to do that, right?” He asked her.

            “No,” she said shaking her head.