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Leave Out All the Rest- One Shot (by Sam)

Remus woke in the night, a light sheen of sweat on his forehead and arms. His eyes burned from tears that threatened to spill. He pulled his legs up and leaned his elbows on them, his head in his hands.

            Like he always did in the days leading to the full moon, Remus had dreamed of the transformation and the horror that he would cause in the night.

            This dream was different though. Sam. She was in the dream and he was killing her. Slowly. Her blood coated his fur.

            But then the dream shifted. He was missing and she was terrified. He could hear her calling his name.

            “Remus!” Sam called in the dark void of his mind.

            He tried to answer her but couldn’t find the words.

            And so, Remus woke with fear in his heart.

            It had been a month since she has last come to see him. Since he had last held her in his arms and took in her scent, warm vanilla and some type of flower.

            “Sam.” Remus whispered in the dark.

            He laid back down on his bed and tried to find a peaceful state in which to sleep. He never found it. So, he just stared up at the maroon canopy of his bed.

**TARDIS Materialization**

            Remus sat up with a jolt. He knew that sound.

            “It couldn’t be.” He whispered, quietly jumping out of bed as to not wake his dorm-mates.

            In just a pair of flannel pants and a gray t-shirt, feet bare, Remus ran down to the common room. It was dark with the exception of the dying glow of the embers in the hearth.

            “Sam?” Remus called out softly. He remembered how she had appeared to him here once before.

            It was silent for a moment and then there was soft creaking of the floorboards. Sam stepped out from the shadows.

            “Remus.” She said with a smile.  

            Remus quickly walked up to her and  took her into his arms, picking her up and spinning her around. A smile filled his tired face as he buried his face into the crook of her neck, taking in her scent again.

            When he put her down, her smile as big as his, she kissed him lightly on the lips.

            “I missed you.” She whispered.

            “I missed you too.” Remus whispered, not letting her go. He just kept looking into her warm brown eyes. She looked into his matching ones.

            “Why don’t we go for a walk, catch up.” Sam suggested. Remus agreed and told her to wait a moment while he grabbed a sweater and a pair of trainers.

            Moments later, they snuck out of Gryffindor Tower and up to the astronomy tower.


            They sat on the floor, leaning against a wall and close to each other.

            “So what have you been up to?” Remus asked, drawing lazy circles on the skin of Sam’s hand.

            “Oh, the usual.” Sam said nonchalantly. “Traveling. Seeing as much as I can while I still have time.”

            “I wish I could go with you.” Remus said, looking down at Sam.

            “Someday,” Sam said, smiling up at him. “If you’re lucky.”

            Remus kissed the top of her head. Someday.

            Sam closed her eyes and smiled. This was one of those moments, those few rare moments where her life didn’t seem to be passing by at a million miles an hour. Where, especially since stepping into the TARDIS, she could feel like a normal teenager in love.

            “Tell me how you’ve been though.” Sam asked as a comfortable silence started to fill the air. “You looked…troubled.” She said, thinking of how disheveled he’d looked when he came into the common room.

            Remus looked forward, unseeing and deep in thought.

            He let out a little sigh and looked at their hands, pulling his away as he thought of his dream. He was a monster after all.

            “Okay.” He said. “I’ve been… okay. I missed you, went to class… had some, difficult nights.”

            Sam, of course, knew about his condition but he didn’t like to trouble her with it.

            “I wish I had been there to help you through.” Sam said, taking his hand back without fear. She was trying to show him that, still, she didn’t care about his werewolf condition. He was still Remus to her.

            “But it’s better if you’re not. I…” he trailed off for a moment, looking into her eyes once again. He didn’t want to hurt her. Ever. “I can’t control myself when I’m like that, Sam. I don’t want to hurt you.”

            Sam looked away from him. A little hurt honestly, though she didn’t know why. He was, after all, just trying to protect her.

            “Hold me.” She whispered, ending the obviously difficult conversation. Remus did. “Just leave out all the rest and lets just try and be… normal.”