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To Someday- Of Chloroform and Boxes Book Two- Chapter 5

 Sam ran off to change out of her Hogwarts uniform. Alexa stayed with the men. “You guys should stay put. Hatter is fine but Dodo is a little…uh,” her voice trailed off. “Touchy. He is a little bit touchy.” Sam came back down in skinny jeans, black ankle boots, a green t-shirt, and a pink jacket.

            “Ready to go?” Sam asked. Alexa nodded. Remus pulled Sam into a tight embrace. Severus wouldn’t let go of Alexa’s hand. Part of him feared that they wouldn’t ever come back.

            She looked back at him and smiled. “It’s okay. Back in a flash,” She promised. Alexa stood on her toes and kissed his cheek. He blushed. Alexa glanced over at Sam. She was kissing Remus lightly on the lips. Sam blushed when she saw Alexa watching her. “Let’s go,” She said. Alexa turned and met Sam by the stairs.

            “So, how did he take it?” Sam asked. There were streaks in Alexa’s otherwise perfect make up. She shrugged and didn’t answer. “I see.”

            “And what about Remus? Was he okay?” Alexa asked.

            “He’s perfect,” She said smiling. “Absolutely perfect.” Sam glanced over at Alexa, she was grinning at Sam. Blushing, Sam said, “Sorry that it didn’t go as well for you.”

            Alexa shrugged. “What more could I have expected? We hugged.” Alexa shrugged again. They found the wardrobe. And they touched the mirror for the second time.           

            This time with no fear or doubt of what they find.

            Sam emerged in the library a second before Alexa. They still tumbled down and fell beside a stack of books. They pushed themselves up. “We need to find a way to stick the landing,” Alexa said. She brushed herself off. Sam nodded in agreement.

            “I dunno. I’d say that it was a ten,” said an all too familiar voice. Sam squealed and ran into Hatter’s arms. He lifted her off the ground. “I’d also say that you are a ten,” he teased. Hatter set Sam down.

            “Hatter!” Sam said. “I’ve missed you,” She told him.  Hatter just grinned and leaned down. He kissed her and pulled her in closer. “I’ve missed that too,” Sam said softly.

            Alexa took a few steps forward. “I’m gonna go find Dodo,” She said. The couple didn’t look up. Alexa ran off to the steps that she was once led up and down at gunpoint. Though she hadn’t ever been in any real danger.

            Dodo sat in his office. Papers and books covered his desk and he was digging through them. “This is a mess,” he muttered, and then, “I can’t find anything,” and finally, “I’m starving.”

            “I could make you something if you’d like,” Alexa said softly from the doorway. Dodo froze and looked up slowly. He stood and came around the desk. Alexa took a few tentative steps toward him. “Hello,” she squeaked.

            He was shaking his head. “You aren’t real,” he said with a level of confidence that only he could afford. Alexa didn’t say anything; she just came a little closer. “You can’t be,” he said, his confidence was shaken. Alexa just ran forward and threw her arms around his torso and buried her face in his chest. Dodo gently wrapped his arms around her, almost afraid that she would vanish again.

            “Dodo,” she said softly. Then she pulled away a bit so that she could see his face. “I’m sorry that I just vanished back in the Kingdom of the White Knights. I didn’t want to. But Sam did and that was sort of the thing. We wouldn’t leave each other. But I have never stopped thinking about you. Ever,” She promised. “Look!” Alexa said holding out the little dodo bird on her necklace. Dodo grinned.

            “You’re forgiven,” he said softly. Alexa stood on her toes and kissed him. Someone cleared their throat from the doorway. Alexa turned in his arms and Dodo looked over her head. His arms were around her hips.

            Sam was clinging to Hatter’s arm and he was looking down at her. “Told ya’ they’d be back. Well, I knew that Sam would. She couldn’t stay away,” Hatter said to Dodo, though he never looked away from Sam.

            “I know that I couldn’t be without you for too long. It was awful,” said Alexa to Dodo.

            “Er, we should probably get back. Mustn’t leave the others alone to long,” She said. Alexa nodded and looked somber again. She could feel how wrong this was going to go.